Frequently Asked Questions


What is NZIHM?

The New Zealand Institute of Health Management is a professional body for health managers. It is the New Zealand Branch of the Australasian College of Health Service Management.

What is NZIHMs relationship with ACHSM?

Through a formal Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) established in 2009, although remaining an entity in its own right, NZIHM is now also recognised as a branch of ACHSM and as a result of that NZIHM have full ACHSM membership rights.

What are the benefits of membership with NZIHM?

In conjunction with the ACHSM we promote the following as NZIHM Benefits: 


  • We help you build sustainable networks with experienced managers. 
  • Access to numerous seminars and workshops a year.
  • Expand your networks through special interest groups.
  • Connect with key industry players and build your skills at the national congress. 


  • Attain the key tools of professional development in health leadership.
  • Delve into the wealth of free online webcasts and seminars valued at over $5,000.
  • Benefit from the only dedicated library and information service for health managers.
  • Expand your expertise with the prestigious, peer-reviewed industry journal.


  • Grow your professionalism and be inspired with a hand-picked mentor. 
  • Undertake the prestigious fellowship program.
  • Gain exclusive access to job postings and career resource tools.


  • Get involved in influencing health policy.
  • Support the organisation that builds innovation in health service management.
  • Use postnominals (MCHSM, ACHSM and FCHSM) after your name.


What membership option is right for me?

That depends on you, your qualifications and experience. Details on the membership catergories are available through our or the ACHSM Website.


Health Management Internship Programme (NZ)

How do I get in to Health Management?

Whether an undergraduate student, post graduate student or transitioning clinician or general manager the Health Management Internship Programme has been designed by NZIHM with you in mind. Information on this programme is available through this website

Note: The HMIP(NZ) is a training programme designed to compliment the education provided through the various university schemes. NZIHM promotes tertiary level studies to all of its members.

Health Management Executive Programme (NZ)

I am a mid-level Manager and I want some training to step up to the next level, - how can I do this?
Watch this space.

I am an Intermediate / Senior Practitioner and would like to get into Management where do I go?

There are currently two options, depending on how much exposure you have had to Health Management to date.

Option One - Internship Programme. There are three pathways into the program, further explained on the website. Path C, involves your employer participation i.e. Your employer agrees that you have the potential and are willing to sponsor you through the programme.

Option Two If, following self-assessment, you believe your prior experience could make you an eligible candidate for the Fellowship Programme then you could look to enter into it within a reasonably short time frame. This pathway however has no impact on your organisational placement. Therefore, finding employment reflective of that level of qualification is still up to you. You can do this through a number of executive recruiting companies or through the standard recruiting sites.

I am Intermediate / Senior Practitioner and I would like to remain in my clinical role but I’d like to understand more about the ‘Management side of things’– where do I go?

There are currently two options depending on how the level of involvement from your employer.

Option One The Internship Programme could cater for you if your employer is willing to work with you in allowing you to complete it.

Option Two There are a number of good tertiary programmes which would allow you to gain at least a theoretical understanding of Health Management.


Why should I apply for Fellowship?

Fellowship gives Professional recognition of an individual having achieved an ‘expert’ level in that particular Body of Knowledge.

Do I need a Health Management Qualification to apply for Fellowship?

No other qualifications are currently considered as a reasonable equivalent i.e. MBA, subject to also having the relevant experience. Overall, the main measure is that you achieve the necessary ‘points’ as indicated on the individual self-assessment form.

How soon can I apply for Fellowship?

When you have achieved the necessary points.


I am looking for a good health manager for my clinic who do I advertise with in order to get to the right people?

In addition to the usual websites and executive recruitment agencies - advertising through NZIHM guarantees your exposure to all Health Executives / Managers on the ACHSM database. This is a good way of targeting your key audience.

I need a clearer insight into health IT and tools available to assist my organisation where do I obtain this?

HINZ is New Zealand’s premier organisation when it comes to Health IT. As an independent organisation they bring together Vendors, Researchers and Providers of Health IT Knowledge/Products and Information. Through collaboration - the Certified Health Informatician Australasia (C.H.I.A) qualification is available for all NZ Health Managers. Put together by Subject Matter Experts in both Health and IT it is designed to build up the cross sector knowledge within this area. NZIHM recommends this programme to all with a particular interest in Health IT.